Thursday, 4 October 2007

So Many Ooppps

It's 1 in the morning already and I am still very awake huhuhu. I have many offers to submit before I go in bed. Hubby has been calling me to go in bed as it is very late already and he worries that my pimples will be popping out again. Jezzz, there are many opps coming out and I couldn't help myself but to grab these opportunities. It's so hard to earn $$$$ you know so I have to take my chances. I couldn't understand because I wasn't doing anything the whole day but opps don't show up. So now, I have to open my eyes wide open even if I am very sleepy already. How I wish I could place a toothpick in between my eyelids hehehe


Sarah said...

alam mo sis ako rin kagabi 1 am n nakita ko kaso im so sleepy at d n ko makapag isip ng maayos kaya ayon, I only did one opps daming puti susko sa araw wala. kakaasar nuh!

Francine said...

sarah, kainis mga opps kasi they dont come out during the day.kung kelan antok na antok na tayo saka pa sila naglabasan huhuhu

Francesca said...

i think that is the game.
They gave all opps if wala na kayo lakas.
Tiis hanggat kaya. If cannot keep up, say byebye, au revoir.
After all, you are ot married to them.
Health is wealth.