Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Creative Site Award

Recel forwarded me this Creative Site Award. She found me creative I guess but it's flattering knowing that she found me like that in my own simple ways. Thanks sis for this award. I am very happy you're always thinking of me and you never forget to visit my blog when you have the time. Thanks very much really!

I'd like to extend this award to the following lovely ladies:

ZJ- I find her creative despite of the busy schedules she has
Rowena - creative not just a blogger but as a mother as well. She's definitely a very lovely woman
Ana à Dijon - a very good friend of mine as well. I know that she deserves to have this award and that's why I'm extending it to her sincerely
KC - this girl rocks! Very creative and full of knowledge when it comes to anything. Goodness, I wish I have a piece of her creativity and talent


ZJ said...

Hi Francine.
Salamat, kaayo, day! Mauwaw na jud ko ani ba... hehehe. Seeing the award made my day!!
Musta na ka diha?

Francine said...

SUS OKS ra oi dai zj. its not obligatory to share it with your frens

rowena said...

Hi Francine, thanks for the award. Feeling ko tuloy ang haba ng hair ko, he he...

Francine said...

rowena, youre very much welcome.ikaw pa