Friday, 26 October 2007

Spent My Day Searching For Belly Dancing Accessories

What I did today? That's the question I asked to myself this evening while I was having my dinner with hubby. I don't have work today so it means that I was infront of the laptop again. Time seems to run very fast here. I've been making a lot of research at the internet where it is possible for me to buy different hip scarves and other belly dancing accessories here in Bordeaux. Hey, don't interpret nor think that I am a professional or something ha but I am still a beginner and I like what I am doing right now. I am starting to interact with the other students in this dancing school. The bad part is that the students are getting more and more and the place isn't enough for us really. Mondays and wednesdays classes are full already as well as thursdays (I do the thursdays class) and tomorrow saturday. The only wish I have is that hoping there will be morning classes soon. Our teacher Caroline Chatel is a good teacher and a dancer and she's one of the famous instructor here in bordeaux but as we are too many in the class, she can't concentrate in correcting us our mistakes especially the bad posture when were dancing.

Intermediate and advance level aren't that many. I guess there are maximum of 10 students in this class but goodness, they are really good. While I was waatching them, they dance very well already and they move very gracefully. Although it is not really necessary to wear some costumes or anything but students in this level are wearing sexy outfits. Mostly of them are wearing long skirts with very short top and with belly piercings as well. Yes, they have the courage to exposed off their bellies already while we in the beginners level are still babies. I want to be on the intermediate and advance level but it would mean that I have to do a lot of practice, practice, practice and practice.

I spent my entire day searching for a shop where it is possible to buy this special hip scarves that my teacher is using but I couldn't find it. I hope tomorrow, I will find it at Bordeaux Centre. Maybe I'm going to buy a special shoe as well for dancing because my foot looks like duck's feet when naked. Voila! Wish me luck guys


Analyse said...

you should probably do the costumes yourself, non?

Francine said...

ana, id like to do it pero la pa kasi kaming sewing machine dito sa haus tapos have to look for a store where it is possible to buy the raw materials

marie said...

uy, tell me what you want to buy, bili kita at padala ko kahit magkita tau sa airport. mura lang dito sa tutuban, picturan mo yung type mo baka may similar kind dito, no problem on my part. tama si analyze learn to do costumes by yourself, di na kailangan makina, madali lang.
Thanks for the well wishes and congratulatory remarks from your husband as well.