Monday, 1 October 2007

My Workplace

My good friend Bless, tagged me and is very curious to see how my workplace looks like here at home. Voila, here it is my friend. There are not so many things on the table because I don't like it when the table is full as it is very difficult for me to do the cleaning when there are lots of stuff on the table. I'm very lazy and when I am cleaning, I want it to be fast and quick sans hassle kumbaga. A laptop is a must of course with speakers and webcam, lampshade at the side, my Elle magazine too is always on my table and the little notes or reminders infront of me. Sorry it's a little bit messy or simple.

My Workplace

Can I view how your workplace looks like beautiful ladies? I am very curious. But if you don't want to show it, it's okay for me too. I'll be very willing to respect your privacy *wink*


Anonymous said...

you mean sa office? cge te, add me sa friendster.. my work place's there ;)

nice Notebook u got there. eyelavet! :D

Francine said...

jackie, dont remember my friendster eh

marie said...

dami ko na namang utang na mga tags, thanks anna, kelan nga wedding mo?

Francine said...

next saturday pa te pinoy kainis

Melody said...

it loooks cleaner than mine, nah dai apil man diay ko anih, wa man nako ni nakita, soon himoon nako nih,
doh, pa show off pod daw bisan kasagbot :-)