Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Wedding Preps

Wedding is getting closer. In general, the bride and the groom should be very busy in managing everything. But on our case, it's hubby's parents who are very busy with the preparation. Well, normal as the venue is closer to their place. I am very thankful because I am always dreaming to have a religious wedding and voila, it will be happening next weekend at the small castle. Feeling ko were the version of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hehehe. Feeling only okay?

Maman and mammy

Our give-away

Last weekend, they were working very hard in preparing the give-aways for the guests. Here in france, their tradition is to give dragées but instead of following the common tradition, we decided a chocolate in the form of bouchon or wine cork with liquor inside when eaten. We came out with this idea as France is a known country when it comes to wine. Maman and mammy (hubby's grandma) were working with the bouchons while papa was busy in working the place cards. Piictures attached were taken by Papa.


Sarah said...

wow sosyal ang beauty wedding sa castle! dream weeding eto

Francine said...

saray, its only a simple wedding in a very small chateau.cant afford na big one kasi sobrang mahal

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

sana maka attend parents mo noh. you are lucky because you have wonderful in-laws.

ann, ilan tags ko dito? parang yung workplace lang yata

Analyse said...

wow, lapit na!

Francine said...

te girlie yang workplace lang ang tag antay sayo in this blog.sa kabila parang dalawa o tatlo ata.

my family couldnt come kasi mahal pamasahi.yung pamasahe pambili na lang ng bigas sa bahay lolz.busog pa sila lahat hehehe

Francine said...

ana lapit na nga.di ko pa namemorize dapat kung sabihin for the ceremony and speech.gawa mo ko speech in french lolz