Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Which Do You Prefer?

Sarah ganda tagged me this very interesting meme. See? This meme thing really allows us to get to know more our fellow bloggers. Sarah, I'm going to honestly say that I am very thankful that you forwarded this meme to me. Thanks for the thoughts and for dropping by all the time even if you are a little bit busy there at home.

1. Smart or Globe: - I am using smart right now. I got this sim from a friend of mine in Cote d’Azur

2. ABS-CBN or GMA: - GMA, signal at home is not that clear for ABS-CBN

3. Penshoppe or Bench: - i like both

4. Avon or Personal Collection: - none of these 2 choices.

5. Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: I have both

6. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: - I like both as well. When I was younger, I used to collect tweety bird items and hello kitty stuff. Now, I’m passing it to my nieces

7. Sony or JVC TV: - I like Sony but the TV we have here at home is Philips one

8. Lee or Guess Jeans: - I love Lee, Guess and Levi’s. I am not very particular with the brands. Once I like the fitting and the style, I buy it directly without any second thoughts

9. Sketchers or Merell Shoes: - Sketchers

10. Swatch or Rolex watch: - I love seiko watches

Ladies, mind if you could answer this meme as well? I want to know if you gals have something in common with me. These lovely ladies are as follows:

Marie (sweet lullaby), Rosemarie, Recel, Kathy and Janese à Orsay.


ardee sean said...

how sweet when you say it 'meme', its twice ive heard of it but really don't know where it came from and why is it called 'meme' :p
Nyways, you have cool header..sweet...

recel said...

hey Francine! thank u for this meme.. however i'm done na w/ this.. here, i'll give u the link, just so if u'r interested. okeiz? see yah around!

Francesca said...

PAG AKO ALA MADAME DE MONACO, wala sa list ng mga yan kukunin ko, except NOKIA.

c'est tout!
taray bah... hihihi!

Francine said...

hehehehe mayaman ka kasi te amy hehehe.paotang naman o