Tuesday, 23 October 2007

She Won $300 By Playing Online Blackjack

Do you still guys still remember the friend I have who loves to play blackjack? Well, we were chatting this morning while I was eating my breakfast and she’s now in New Jersey. She told me that she won $300 for the first time by playing the online casino game like blackjack. Not bad huh? She and her husband love casinos eversince they were in Philippines. I remember that one time, I was with them and they both taught me how to play blackjack, slots and poker but I honestly don’t have any interests when it comes to gambling. Anyway, due to my curiousity, I asked her why she finally tried this online casino games and she said that she was very lazy to go outside their house just to gamble. Hehehe funny isn’t it but she has a reason. She told me that Pro360 has helped her a lot because she found many informations in this website like the bonuses offered by each casino, reviews and many others. Well, I am happy that she’s enjoying this new discovery she just found.


Marie Grace said...

Wow! $300 is a pretty big amount already. However, like you Francine I also have no interest with gambling. I am afraid to loose money than being excited to win. hehhee..

thanks sa pagbisita.. hope everything is fine there. have a good day!

Francine said...

yun nga e swerte nya pero its not something new to me kasi kahit she was still in pinas, lagi syang pumupunta sa casino to gamble.swerte din nya kasi binibigyan sya ng asawa nya ng monthly allowance for her casino.pareho kasi silang mahilig magcasino