Wednesday, 16 April 2008

0 Phone Cards Left

Oufff ! I was supposed to give my family a call this afternoon but when I opened my bag, I just realized that I don’t have any prepaid phone cards left. Huhuhu what a big catastrophe! It has been 2 weeks since the last time I called them and today is the right timing for me to do it (for some special reasons). But well, it’s never too late for me to do it. I’ll just have to order one for myself and once I’ll get the codes thru my email, I’ll instantly give my family a long distance call and will be talking to the entire clan.

Prepaid phone cards have been very helpful for me in so many ways. It is something that is always in my wallet and I always keep 2 as the minimum. I rarely use my cellphone in calling my family and friends abroad because it is very expensive. Eversince last year, I managed to save a whole lot of bucks on our monthly telephone bills and it is really a great savings for us. As the life here is expensive, it is really good to find an alternative solution to be able to avail some great savings in one’s pocket. Call me kuripot but I am just being practical. Even if I’ll get 1 euro discount only, I’ll surely take it without any hesitation than nothing right? Everytime I purchase my phone cards, I’m very happy already when the store offers me a 3% cash back bonus. By that, it would allow me to pay them lesser and to talk to my family longer.


monica said...

hi ate! how are you? haven't heard from you in days ah.. :)

Picturing of Life said...


I am running Time Capsule tag. I hope you can join with me. Feel free to play or not. Thanks

Francine said...

monica im doing good. medyo busy