Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tulips Season

Aren't those tulips really beautiful? It's possible to see it everywhere now here in France and take note, those tulips are available everywhere like at the park, the streets, sidewalks, neighbor's houses and at public places. When I see these tulips especially the one's in pink, it made me wish that it exists as well in Philippines in public places too. It's just very lovely watching these flowers in different colors and it is really a very good decoration. Tulips are for sale in PI. Here, it is still even if it's possible to find it everywhere but the frenchies are very respectful and prefer not to touch anything that's not theirs.


Vannie said...

hala ka nice. mahal kau na for sale dre ha!

by the way naa koi tag nimo dugay na, dunno kung na ingnan tikaw.


Ozy said...

Wow those do look quite amazing. I guess it's the weather.

And no one picks them you say. Respectful indeed.

Francine said...

vannie, the tag started from me and i'll add you in the compilations

Francine said...

ozy, thanks for the comment :-)