Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Little Mermaids

This picture was taken last year when I went back in PI for a vacation. We treated the entire family to stay with us at the resort (the place where I got married) before going back here in France. These 2 young kids you see here are my nieces and yes, they are twins (my sister is in the middle). I'm missing these my nieces and my nephew so much. I can say that they sticked to me like a glue eversince especially the one in the right side. She thinks that I am her hehehehe. They love to swim very much and they're really brave. I'm thinking of sending them for a swimming lesson because it is possible for me to see from them that they're really interested at it. Mind you, they even went at the deepest part of the pool and kicked as possible as they could. They're not scared at all and they just love it. For me, I call them the little mermaids because at home, they stay very long at the shower and spend their time playing with the water. Too bad because our house is not that big. I was planning to give them a plastic pool so that they could enjoy instead of going at the beach.


Tanya said...

Miss maganda, exchange lagi ta ba.

Francine said...

TANYA sure lets exchange