Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Night With The Frenchies

I was out last night together with my husband. We were having a dinner at the resto in Bordeaux Centre together with his colleagues at work. It’s my first time to met them and it was a pleasure for me too to meet them finally. All of them are very kind and are funny. At first, was shy but then later on, managed to ride on in their jokes and funny moments hehehe. All of us were really drunk and I couldn’t remember how many glasses of red wine I took. We stayed at the resto eating, dancing until 1+ in the morning and then moved at the bar nearby to have a drink once again and to dance once again. Ouf! Good thing there were no police last night who’ll be checking the alcohol level or else, hehehe we’ll surely be in great danger. Until now, I am tired and sleepy coz we arrived home at around 3+ in the morning. Anyway, here are some of the shots we took but the shots are not that really good. Try to observe the shots because one guy there really look like Richard Gutierez. This guy is really nice and charming hehehehe


Juliana RW said...


I am tagging you, simple pink heart tag

Have a nice weekend.

arlene said...

hey girl! i have added this one too, please add my blogs here din:)..thanks ulit..


Francine said...

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Francine said...

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