Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Medical Assisting Career

Aren’t you wishing of becoming a pharmacy technician in the near future? Actually, all the medical professions including pharmacy tech are high paying jobs profession. In this kind of job, you’ll be working at the pharmacy or at the hospitals. It is your job to assist the licensed pharmacist once you’ll be assigned at the pharmacy. Another responsibility of yours is to take the patient’s prescriptions and to verify as to how accurate the informations are and then prepare the said prescriptions given by the doctor. At the hospitals, you’ll be reading the patient’s charts, prepare and deliver to them their medications at a given time. FYI, more and more hospitals and pharmacies are hiring for pharmacy techs and you can easily find a job whether it’s for part-time or full time only. A pharmacy technician salary ranges from $9+ to $12 per hour and if you have more working experiences in this field and have several certifications, it will be an advantage for you because your salary will be bigger.


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