Thursday, 24 April 2008

What's Your Ideal Career?

Your Career Type: Enterprising

You are engertic, ambitious, and sociable.

Your talents lie in politics, leading people, and selling things or ideas.

You would make an excellent:

Auctioneer - Bank President - Camp Director

City Manager - Judge - Lawyer

Recreation Leader - Real Estate Agent - Sales Person

School Principal - Travel Agent - TV Newscaster

The worst career options for your are investigative careers, like mathematician or architect.

Thinking as to what career I'd like to have here in France makes me confusing. Confusing because I know that it will be difficult for me to find a white collar job here so I have to start from the smallest position and hopefully one day, I'll reach my dream career. Career subject has been a very important subject for me here because at the agencies here like searching for a job or evaluation for the french class, they always ask me as to what kind of job I'd wanted to have in the future. Everytime somebody asks me this question, I always say that I wanna do this and that and that but I know from myself that I can't do all these things at the same time. I have to only choose one field for them to suggest or to tell me as to which formation will be perfect for me.

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