Thursday, 10 April 2008

Interior Design And Photography

I love photography very much and I never get tired flipping and watching the different photo albums I have. It reminds me of the good times I had with my loved one’s in a specific occasion and place. If you’ll be dropping by here one day in my house, you’ll notice how I give importance on the different photos I’ve got and how associated them with home and interior designing. I’m not that good but I’m learning. When I love something, I instantly have it printed, enlarged it, have it framed and placed it here at home for decorations.

Years ago, I never had any idea that my shots will be considered as a personal work of art. I never trusted myself and my performances but when I discovered learntodream, they opened my eyes and taught me that interior design and the photograph goes together very well. I’ve got many wonderful shots and have helped me in making all these shots really magnificent for me to achieve that Wow factor here at home. I tell you, their establishment is one of the best companies I love that offers a very high quality photographic printing service that turned my jobs into stunning images.

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