Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Fashion World

I am not a big fashionista woman and I am definitely not a fashion victim as well. I love fashion very much but sometimes, I am just scared to try the new trends. I often imagine myself of making my own name someday and to be a part of the fashion world. Being a member of this world is surely amazing because there are many fashion jobs available for you and you’ll also have the chance to meet the famous fashion designers like Gucci, Ralph Lauren and many others. I am a big dreamer and would want to land one of these hottest fashion careers in the hottest fashion fields but will I be qualified? Huh! That’s the big question there and I, myself, couldn’t even say yes to this question. I know that it is possible for me still to achieve this big dream but I need to find and to enroll in one of the best fashion schools in this world. London Fashion School is the only option for me here in Europe as it is the closest. Well, fashionistas, wanna come and join me in?

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