Thursday, 26 July 2007

6 Facts About Me

I was tagged by ZJ, a filipina like me whose presently residing in Phom Penh, Cambodia. She speaks english very well huh! Hey guys, sorry if my grammar isn't correct hehehe. But anyway, here is my answer to your tag- random facts about me.

Fact 1: At the age of 7, I got hit by a taxi in Cebu City. Unfortunately, the taxi driver wasn't able to escape his responsibilities on me. Neighbors surrounded him directly during the incident. I, myself, was surprised when it happened. All I remember was that, before I decided to crossed the street, I knew that this taxi was very far and suddenly, everything happened like a magic. The only thing I remember was that I was laying on the street and seeing all these people around me and yet, I don't feel any single pain on my body.

Fact 2: I started working at the age of 16 years old. My classmate in college whose working at the office asked me if I liked to work at the office as a part-time. I took the opportunity without thinking. Everything went fine. Finally, my boss hired me and became a full-time worker. One of our famous client was Rustan's in Cebu City.

Fact 3: I am a scuba diver. I am not on the advance level yet but I dived 3 times already. It was funny coz when I am diving, I always pinch my nose. The best experience about diving was when I was with my hubby, diving ensemble for the first time. I find it romantic. It was good coz we share common activities together. Mostly of the time, we snorkel together. I love the beauty under the sea. It is very magnificent!

Fact 4: I always scream when I am very sportive. It is my other way of releasing my fear out. Believe me, but I am really very noisy hehehe. Hubby, the owner of Planet Action and his guide found me funny by screaming but they saw in me that I am a fighter as well. We did river climbing and canyoning on their agency in Moalboal, Cebu City.

Fact 5: I am a moody. Yes, it is one of my negative traits. I don't know if filipinas are known to be moody but I am very moody. I know that communication is very important but once I make tampo, nobody can hear me a single word. Why? For me, I prefer to be in that way than to speak and I may say something bad which I don't really mean saying it out to a person. This is one thing I am still trying to change.

Fact 6: I love cuisine. I love to cook all kinds of food. Right now, I am still trying to cook french food. Even if the cooking book is in french, it is never a hindrance for me. At the kitchen, it's either the dictionary is with me or I look for the meaning of the words I don't know before I go on a battle at the kitchen.

Voila ZJ. Now you know me better. You know how to speak bisaya or cebuano like me ha. Very interesting. I hope we can dive together in the near future.

I want to tag you:

Girlie - coz I want to know you more especially about your cooking skills and photography
MommyBa- I want to know you as well
Marie- I want to know your secret on how to become a successful businesswoman like you

If you guys are interested in trying this experience, please don't hesitate to grab it ***wink***...Sorry, palitan tayo ng tag hehehe


Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Just got back from holidays this week. Thanks for adding me francine ;-)


Analyse said...

so you've got that padi license? you rock girl! all i did was a diving baptism and nothing more.. im wanting to take the padi lessons, hope ill get the time one day..

hey, it's tag week i think, you're tagged!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

uy may assignment pala ako dito...pero parang nagawa ko na ito dati...hhhmmm sige isip pa ako iba

marie said...

haha business ang topic ko? well I promise to do this, thanks for the tag.

Francine said...

MISST, di na kita tag kasi im thinking baka youre on vacation or youre busy. pero next time tag kita if ok sayo?

ana, salamat for tagging do the tag after cleaning here at home.ouff, watta bz day

marie, yes im interested about business.maybe you can give me some tips about it.

girlie, im interested with your cooking skills.when ive tried the shimps with lemon sauce, hehehe i always look forward na baka youll put a recipe on your blog

MommyBa said...

Thanks for tagging me, Francine. I already did my assignment and I hope we'll get to know each other better though we're thousands of miles away from each other.

Have a great day!