Thursday, 12 July 2007

What's Making Me Busy?

Sorry everyone that I was not able to go here everyday. I was busy on my 2 other blogs. Yes, 2. This is my 3rd one. First one is for the frenchies and for europeans, 2nd one is for my addiction. But it's not that important at all. But anyways, it is summer time but weather here is strange. One day it's warm, the next day it's dull. Days ago, it was warm and hubby and I were having breakfast at the terrace to took advantage of the sun. He was laughing when I told him that I am dreaming of doing breast stroke in the sea hehehe. Yes, I miss doing that. I miss the sea and the sun. I think I've tried swimming in the ocean just once here in France. As I am residing in Bordeaux, the closest body of water here is ocean and it is really cold. But once you're in the water already, it feels fresh especially if the sun is strong. Hopefully if the weather will be good on the weekend, we'd go at the beach again and try body surfing.

Oh another thing. Are you familiar with David and Goliath items? I was able to talk to someone from Philippines. Very interesting coz she keeps me updated about fashion in Philippines right now. For teens, the latest trends are the addiction with this brand David and Goliath and these items can be found at Rustan's and Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. Wow, when I saw their website...hehehe my eyes dropped. Their products are animated items and the price? it's in $$$$. Try to check their website if you guys are interested.

I've been very busy searching for jobs on internet too. It's baby-sitting job. I've found one and emailed the madame. Then, she called me but as the time for baby-sitting is at around 7-8:30 in the evening and it is everyday, I've decided to say no. Why? Because of transportation subject. It takes 2 rides for me and there are lesser buses in the evening. Too bad coz it's in euros. But I am waiting for classes again to start here for the students, hopefully when classes start.. I will find more interesting job online. Wish me luck...


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i'd still go for don ed hardy tees and pants, it's really cool!

Francesca said...

you dont need to work, istorbo lang yun, sa busy life mo hehe.

advice ko, if found one, get the best deal.
Wag ka sa barat ha?

Francine said...

hirap hanap work lalo na summer. frenchies are on vacation