Monday, 16 July 2007

Family Matters Before Anything Else

I have read many personal articles and topics but one subject that catches me the most is about family. Family serves as the foundation of a successful society. But anyway, I believe that family really matters. Talking about family is a broad subject because there are many topics that links on this subject. But let me share you several topics that I found which you might be interested with:

For Spouses: Make the End of Each Day Special

1. Greet each other warmly. Stop whatever activity you are doing and walk to the door to greet your spouse. It might seem trite, but the effort will make both of you feel special and taken care of.

2. Take a few minutes to find out how your spouse's day was. We are all extremely busy, but this small effort can make a huge difference. Instead of two strangers trying to get things done, you will be partners working together to create a warm family environment.

3. Reconnect with your spouse after a day apart. Share a warm hug, deliver a kiss, or pour a refreshing glass of ice water for him or her.

An extraordinary marriage is filled with countless meaningful moments. Every encounter with your spouse that you make special will enhance your marriage. Don't overlook the small chances to create closeness in your relationship. Besides, small things count right?

Our Kids Internet Safety

Ohhh, people are into technology now and our kids too are being up to date with the latest gadgets and electronics. Sometimes, they know better than us right? At home, the Internet can be a wonderful tool and toy for kids. They can get help with homework, play games, or chat with children around the world. But on the other side, they also can be exposed to pornography, violent material, and hate messages. The most dangerous is that kids will communicate unknowingly with child predators who can lure them into dangerous situations. There is always advantage and disadvantage on many things but I think it is better to inform or teach our children the value of Internet has to offer. Besides, family’s safety is very important and family really matters before anything else in this world. Right? I think it is important to set some limits on the amount of time our kids may spend online and what areas on the Internet are appropriate for them to enter.

Coping with Kids' First Crushes

I like to imagine myself that my kids in the future will consider me not just a mom but their bestfriend too. It is very amazing I think to have this kind of bonding with your kids especially if they feel themselves that they can tell you anything especially when they talk about their crushes. As parents, I like to keep the communication open to allow them to talk about their feelings.

Ouff, what a long post but I find them very interesting. For more interesting insights and experiences on building and maintaining a loving family, you may visit David Woon's Family Matter page.

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