Sunday, 15 July 2007

Convert your Clicks into Revenue

Are you searching on how to generate more revenue with your web site and domain? Are you looking for a new source of traffic? If yes, then all you need is at ExoClick. What is ExoClick? Well, it is a Pay Per Click platform, which is open to publishers and advertisers. You can create campaigns starting at $0.01 per click and easily monetize your web site using their ads boxes. ExoClick is owned by ExoClick S.L., it is a European company based in Barcelona, Spain. They support in 4 languages on their website, english, french, spanish and polish.

As an advertiser, you can pay for the campaigns by credit card, Paypal or Epassporte. This really makes the transaction fast and hassle-free. Once you are already a member, you are now ready to create advertising campaigns on a Pay Per Click model, starting as low as $0.01 per unique click. ExoClick manages a high volume of targeted traffic which is available for you as an advertiser.

As a publisher, all you have to do is to place their ads boxes on your page. Choose from their several formats and customize them and each click on the ads is cash for you. Excellent right? So sign up now and become a member, then browse their marketing tools in their admin panel and integrate them on your sites. It is absolutely fast and easy. You will get your weekly payments through Paypal and Epassporte. Join now and convert your clicks into revenue.

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