Friday, 27 July 2007

Tagged: What Were You Thinking?

An interesting tag from Ana à Dijon, France. Thanks Ana for passing this tag. My life isn't that interested like yours but here's my answer:

"What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)"

The history:

Hubby and I met at the dating site. Things went fine from the first conversation until the last. When I first saw him at the airport, I found him handsome and on the other hand, I was very very nervous. When I saw at the tv monitor that his flight has landed, I was hesitating if I should met him or not coz I was scared that he may not find me pretty. When we met eachother face to face, everything was like a magic. Everything was really perfect. Were always smiling and inlove. For the first time in my life, he is the only guy who told me that I'm pretty *blushing* hehehe. Hey, don't yah guys deteste that huh! At least once in my life, I hear someone saying those nice words on me. He likes it very much when I have darker brown skin color. I don' know why but.....We had great times together and everything that I fantasized about a romantic getaway with someone happened with him.

See? Love comes when you least expect it.

I'm tagging MissT and Marie. Sorry guys for the tag. Oh ayan MissT, me assignment ka na kaagad. Oppps! sorry.... Anyone who'd like to grab this tag, feel free to do it...


Analyse said...

haha, ikaw naman, pretty ka naman a.. i could imagine how kilig you are.. and look at where you are now, spending your life with the man you love.

Francine said...

thanks for the comment ana. o ayan ur the 2nd person to tell me dat one. hehehehe