Monday, 30 July 2007

I Want Free Gifts And Cash Prizes!!!

I’ve been very much interested in doing auction with the items I am interested with. It’s cheaper that way than to buy a new item right?

In auction, the highest bidder gets the item he wants. But, I found a website wherein it’s possible to win free gifts by doing a bid at a lowest price without paying a penny at all. Strange right? You can find these activity at bid4prizes. It is a reverse-auction game where the lowest bid wins the prize. How to avail these free gifts or cash prizes? You have to get the lowest unique bid for your desired prize that you wishes to have. And if it is only you who bids the lowest amount of the item, you win the item! Unbelievable isn’t it? Another thing that’s amazing with this game is that you don’t even pay a single penny at all. The amount you bid is only phony and when you win, you get the item and shipping fee is free too.

Bid4prizes has many winners already who joined on their game. They have winners all over the world who have bid and won amazing free gifts and cash prizes. So bid now and win!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

its not an auction but u can get items for around $10 including ps3 360 wii laptop computer ipod video and nano or cash. use this link to lern more for assistence email me at please share this with friends who want these gifts to.