Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Unfairness With Your Fellows

How you do react when you sense that a close person you know is bein unfair to you or has done something which is unequal at all? I really don't like people who treats his/her fellows like that. I maybe a pleaser but as for me, I always try my best to balance everything. I always do my best that what I do is fair with others so that I may not hurt anyone's feelings. I really don't like this kind of bad attitude. I may sound that I'm pissed off but yah sort of. I am an observer and I like to observe and to study people. I know that we are all unique and that is something that fascinates me. But I am very curious why a person does this and that, while the others do something different. I am not going to write more about unfairness but I wish, people will take a look on the things they are doing towards the person close to them and to ask themselves if what they do will benefit the others. I feel like I am going to explode when someone treats me like that. Why is he/she selfish and thinks of hisself/herself only?


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

Man I hate those kinds of people too, pakabig baga =(

wag ka na associate sa kanila, they are not worth it, sad pero meron talagang mga taong ganun

Francesca said...

if that person in france, take it as an experience.
People here, their culture is:

i like to see you, but i feel better, if I dont.

Wala hospitality. Heck, they dont even cook meals to guest, they just meet them to a resto!

or worst just a 15min coffee or tea!

Part of french integration ata yan?
quelle bande des clones!