Friday, 3 August 2007

Chinese students in Bordeaux

This was what I saw at Bordeaux Centre when I was on my way home from doing shopping yesterday. These students stay here for 4 weeks to study french lesson. The video is a bit blurry coz it was taken using my Canon Digital camera. Désoléé car j'ai pris un video seulement. J'étais trés fatiguée d'attendre l'autres étudiants.

Chinese version of belly dancing eh? Marie, Girlie....pakita nyo nga kung ano yung tunay na belly dancing shhhh! :-0


Girlie said...

ok yan ah...chinese version ^_^

Francesca said...


Francine said...

sensya na medyo bitin yung video.di ko nag-enjoy while im watching them doing it.ung choreography di ko maintindihan kung nagpractice ba sila o wala oppps