Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Cold Wednesday

Today is the Assumption Day here in France and that means that it is holiday here. The weather here is really terrible. I thought it would be warm today as of course I wanted to go at the beach again. But unfortunately, it's the contrary. It's cold here and raining. So we ended up staying at home the whole day exchanging our turns infront of the computer. Oh yeah, I spend mostly of my time infront of the computer and when I am at the kitchen doing something, it's hubby's turn to use the laptop.

But anyways, as it's raining, we decided to watch a movie here at home. Good thing we bought some dvd's last week-end. You guys must have seen these dvd's on the picture above but I haven't. I've seen Kill Bill back in Philippines but I couldn't remember if it was part 1 or 2. We ended up watching Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson. One of the reasons why we both feel lazy today because our backs are both in pain after we had our first vaccine yesterday evening.

Voila, how about you guys? What are you guys doing for Assumption day (for my friends now in France)?


MommyBa said...

Pulp Fiction is an all-time favorite :) Great choice!

Francine said...

hello mommyba, at first, i find the story confusing but naiintindihan ko naman after