Thursday, 23 August 2007

Personalised Armagnac From Neighbor

A neighbor of my inlaws gave us this personalised Armagnac liquor as their wedding gift for me and hubby. That was very kind from them to do it because they really made an effort to make it a little bit unique instead of placing the ordinary label on the bottle. The label on the bottle is a little bit poetic but don't ask me what it is in english because it's difficult to explain. Click the picture to enlarge it and if you want to see what is written. I've tasted it once but the smell and the taste are too strong for me. Hubby and his family love it after dinner. Having a drink while having a conversation is very nice. Eating and staying at the table for hours is a pleasure here in France. Until now, we still have half of the bottle as we don't touch it that much here at home. Have you guys tasted Armagnac? Do you like it?

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