Monday, 6 August 2007

I Love Brioche!!!

Les examples de Brioches

One of my classmates at Alliance Française de Manille emailed me and made a request if it's possible for me to take a picture of brioche. I was very surprised when she told me that one. I asked her why but then, she said that even if it was explained what it is, but still, they don't have any idea what it is exactly. Well, this was explained at the school but as it is in french, they aren't sure at all if what they think is really the right one. There are drawings of course in the book but drawings don't look exactly the same as the real one. Voila mes camarades à l'Alliance Française. Les 2 pains sont les examples de brioches. Don't worry huh coz we have these in Philippines. There are many kinds of brioches and these are the common ones. Brioche can be a loaf of bread too. Anything that is soft but not gateaux or méringue nor croissants. Vous comprenez maintenant ma camarade? Some brioche can be plain while the others have chocolate fillings inside. Moi, je préfère le brioche avec chocolat car c'est plus bon que l'autre.

Brioche is one of the common food eaten for breakfast here together with milk, hot coffee, milk with chocolate or tea. Here at home, the one with chocolate is our favorite. Hubby loves it very much for breakfast. But me? I prefer to eat it too for snacks hehehe. Je sais je sais que je suis coquine.

To my classmates in Manila who are still studying at Alliance, I hope I am able to help you guys in some ways. If there's any that I can do, don't hesitate to contact me okay? Please extend my warmest hello to Monsieur Fadi et Madame Yolie. A bientot mes amis!!!

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