Thursday, 16 August 2007

Sunbathing Again At Le Porge

Last sunday, it was very warm here again and we went at Le Porge again. We love this place very much because it is less crowdy than Lacanu or Arcachon. But not bad place at all. I've been wanting to go in Bassin because I'd love to eat huitres again. Huitres there are really yummy and fresh. But as it is a little bit far, I said okay, Le Porge would be fine. We left home at around 4:30 in the afternoon and we were happy that it was easy for us to park our car. If we went there earlier, I am pretty sure that it would be difficult for us to find a parking area because it is really crowdy here at the beach when it's warm. To my surprise, I saw many women half naked. Sometimes, I used to ask myself if I'll have the guts to do it but NAHHH! Never! I am and will always be a filipina and never I will be doing something like that. After staying there for hours doing sunbathing, we decided to have dinner in one of the restos at Le Porge. The menus were not bad at all. Their famous moules à la crème frites is really tasty.

Picture above is hubby. While he was changing his swimtrunks, I was making fun of him and took many shots. I told him that I will be posting all the pictures here on my blog hehehe. Did I made him scared when I told him that? Not at all. He said he will be more famous than Tom Cruise hehehe. He is like that and we use to tease eachother a lot too. But sorry guys, I am not going to post the whole shots I took. Forgive me ok?

You guys might be surprise why I am posting non-sense entries here, but I need to make 90 entries as a requirement on something :-)


marie said...

hahaha ang damot!Joke!
Sensya ka na bihira na ko visit, sobra kasi ako hataw doing sponsored posts.

Francine said...

ako kunti pa lang sponsored post ko.pano, sa ppp kelangan pala yung pagerank eh 0 ata google pagerank ko eh.pero its good to know yur doing it.paotang po