Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bonding Time With Hubby

I always love to cook and to discover new recipes especially french cuisines. Mostly of the time here at home, I prepare filipino dishes to hubby and to my inlaws when they give us a visit here in Bordeaux. Hubby loves to cook too don't you know? Oh yeah! He is a certified french chef in my opinion. He cooks better than me honestly. I've tried doing rotti de porc weeks ago but it wasn't that tasty at all like the way he does it. Yesterday, he cooked this recette again and it was really, really yummy plus the very tasty fries he did. Cooking is our other way of bonding together as we both love to cook. He prepares the pork and we peeled the potatoes together while talking of course. I always tell him that I am on a diet. But, how can I be on a diet if he always prepares very tasty french cuisines huh? Oh la la! I love french cuisines really but my tummy is bulging hehehehe. A little only.

Last week, I went to the nearby park here at home and jogged. Ouff, 5 minutes as a start and I was already dead. That was unbelievable! I was once an athlete back in highschool and as an athlete, I can't believe that I get tired so fast. That really means that I have to exercise more. Anyone there who can give me some tips how to maintain one's figure?


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

eat just to fill your stomach, wag yung hanggat di ka na makahinga.

walk walk ka nalang muna, then when you get the hang of it, start jogging, wag mo biglain para di ka hingalin.

funny how you say you're on diet, ano ka ba ang payat mo kaya noh ^_^

Francine said...

te girlie, mukha lang akong payat pero sus my goodness, laki ng tyan ko.pero ive gained weight a little weight a bit since i arrived here in france

marie said...

korek ang mga tips ni girlie, dagdag mo pa : eat more vegetables (more salads and some of my friends tease me na mahilig daw akong kumain ng damo!) and fruits. Bawasan natin ang rice.
Btw, my nos. are 09189851946 and 90229011184. Pa contact mo ko sa ffriend mo. Any particular color u like for the hip scarf?

Francine said...

im starting to like with the legumes especially green salads.te marie, bat 11 digits ung 2nd number mo? any color for the scarf will, what a nice present for my bday hehehe.thanks po ulit