Friday, 24 August 2007

My French Chef

My French Chef

French has the reputation to be a good cook or a good chef. Mostly of the famous restaurants I know, their chefs are french. Well, I am not surprise about that. So far, the menus I've tried here are really tasty. Do you ever wonder why french people are petites? At first, I used to ask myself why mostly of them are thin and yet, they stay very long on the table during their repas and they eat croissants, ice cream, chocolate and etc. But do you know what the secret is? They just eat a portion of each menu being served on the table. Eating is a pleasure for them. That's what I am learnt from them.

Here at home, hubby likes to cook very much and he is really a good cook. When he cooks something, the menus are always tasty and yummy. When we eat something here at home, we eat a little portion of everything. We don't like it when our tummies are really heavy before we concluding that were really full. Sometimes we eat much especially when seafoods are on the table. Sarap kasi di ba? And oh I have a tip to share. After eating, mostly of french people drink coffee or hot tea. It is said that it is good for digestion. Maybe we should try it no? Who knows, it would work.
I took this picture when he was cooking something but I forgot what recipe it was


Anonymous said...

wow. the food mustve turned out to be delicious kxe it came from his heart. nakz!

Girlie said...

eat lang just to fill your stomach, yan ang secret para di tumaba

Yen said...

You lucky thing! :) Ang sarap naman na magaling magluto yung hubby mo! Btw, yep to drinking coffee or tea...Japanese are known to that too:) That's why matagal silang mamatay..hehe

Francesca said...

I experienced a lot of french dining and busog sa tsika ang style nila than eating a lot.

5courses from aperitif,main course, cheese and bread, desserts, coffee or tea.

5 courses, 5hours matapos!
Sa pinoy dining, kanin at ulam lang, pag ubos na pagkain sa lamesa, sibat na!

Francine said...

thanks guys for the comment.yan si ate amy expert yan sa mga food hehehe.pero korek ka te amy, iba mga pinoy pag kumain kasi pag la ng food sibat kaagad.hehehe

te girlie, thanks for the comment.yan gawa ko ngayon di kain masyado.

yen, thanks for the nice comment.matagal ba mamatay mga japanese. one thing i like about them kc sobrang flawless ng skin nila

jackie, thanks for the comment