Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Our Weekend In Toulouse

We spent our weekend in Toulouse. It's 2 1/2 hours from Bordeaux by car. We were happy because the weather was really bad during weekdays and during the weekend, it was really sunny. The car was filled with many things like home cinema and a big gift. The weekend was great. Hubby's friends were really nice and their son is really cute. After he took his nap and seeing that there's a huge gift for him at the garden, he was very happy. I guess all kids are very happy everytime they see something for them right? When the gift was finally open, everybody were working together in assembling the mini toy garage while Vladimir and me were busy taking pictures together hehehe. Aren't we both naughty? Long nice meals again ;-)

Vladimir seeing his gift at the garden

Everybody were busy assembling the garage (including me after taking photos)

The finish product. Hubby placed the stickers

Vladimir, the birthday celebrant


marie said...

Everybody is having fun not only the kid, Ang saya!
Happy Birthday to Vladimir.

rowena said...

Hi Francine, nice pics. Am really enjoying your posts.

girlie said...

hala nakalimutan na kita batiin ng happy birthday, sowee

Francine said...

marie, yeah everybody were really enjoying hehehe.

rowena, glad to hear that youre enjoying.although minsan, non sense na sinulat ko.hirap mag isip e;

girlie, hehehe no problem but thanks very much.bait mo