Saturday, 18 August 2007

Robot.Txt File

Hubby is at the motorbike station so while waiting for him, I made some reseach about this pagerank and robot.txt file. Huhuhu I am totally confused with it. I couldn't understand what it is exactly. I've spent days already studying what it is. As my pagerank is 0, I wanted it to improve. Ohh llaaaaa! I just realized that these html's codes are very difficult to analyze. Hubby is already complaining that he can't use his laptop anymore because of me hehhe. Told him to buy one for himself...oppps pardon!

But seriously, do you guys encounter the same thing about this robot.txt file?


girlie said...

i know nothing about that robot.txt file, but with page ranks i have an idea. kelangan mo lang talaga makipag exchange links sa iba, yan kasi sukatan ng page ranks, the more links you get the more possibilities for page rank to increase. I have a pr of 3, but i got that over the years (3 years to be exact), mahirap talaga mag build ng page rank...problem ko din yan sa dot com ko

btw, tag! you're it. please visit

Francine said...

thanks te girlie.i did the assignment na po