Thursday, 23 August 2007

Must Have Medical Supplies At Home

They said that health is wealth. I strongly agree on this saying. We always wish and pray that all our family members are healthy and in good shape. Am I right? There are times that unexpected things happen inside our home and sometimes, we or any of our family members encounter minor injuries. To have a first aid kit at home is very important because it allows us to be prepared all the time and to do immediate medical attention when needed. But make sure that your first aid kit is filled with medical supplies such as thermometer, adhesive tapes and bandages, antibiotic cream or ointment, ethyl alcohol, prescribed medications and first aid manual of course. Don't forget to store these medical supplies in a place that are out of children’s reach but accessible to any adults at home *wink*.

Be prepared all the time!

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MrGS said...

What about bulb syringes? Are they necessary at all? Are they any different than regular syringes?