Friday, 17 August 2007

Thanks God It's Friday!

Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days for me. Why? Because it is the time I give here at home by doing the laundry, vacuum, cleaning the house and ironing. Like for example today, I changed the bed sheets in the bedroom, the towels, pillow cases and bathrubs. I am really thankful that we are in the modern world where things are operated by machines. Ouff, I couldn't imagine myself washing all these sheets for laundry. I call it general cleaning. I don't like it when the house is messy and unorganize. I got this attitude from my parents. Sometimes, I get tired of this behaviour hehehe. But what can I do? I can't change it. I like to see it when things are in it's proper place because it is clean and nice to look at. Life in foreign countries is really different compared to our lives in Philippines. Why am I saying this? In Philippines, our moms help us in doing all these things and we are fortunate enough if we can afford to have a maid at home. But here? Oh la la! It is really expensive to have one. And if and only I can afford, still I would choose to work all these things by myself instead of paying somebody. Aba, euros ata to. Daming binubuhay sa pinas.

I am really thankful that it's friday now and I wish that it will be very warm here tommorrow because I want to do une sieste à la plage again.

Happy weekend in advance everyone! **muah**


rowena said...

Hi Francine, as I was reading your post, I've noticed ang bait mo naman when you said daming binubuhay sa pinas kaya you'll rather do the chores than hire a cleaning lady or helper there. May God bless you more my dear.

Francine said...

rowena, thanks for the nice compliment.ganyan talaga automatic me binubuhay tayo sa pinas pag naka pag abroad.medyo mahirap pero oks lang

Anonymous said...

same here dear. though wala naman akong binubuhay but as uve sed, when u gots to have a stable job, in just a snap mern na tayong automatic na binubuhay kahit ndi naman kelangn. hehe.