Friday, 3 August 2007

3's A Tag

Another interesting tag from Girlie, a certified hip & cool momma and a hot momma are my answers:

Three things that scare me
1. heights
2. snakes
3. flying insects like cockroach and others

Three people who make me laugh
1. my mother
2. hubby
3. inlaws

Three things I love
1. cooking french cuisines
2. surfin on the net
3. shopping

Three things I hate
1. when i'm doing the vaccum here at home
2. when people are plastic or pretenders
3. when it's raining & can't go out especially when i really want to for me to have a stroll somewhere

Three things I don’t understand
1. why some people backfight other people
2. why some people are jealous & are not contented with what they have
3. why some people change when they are in the foreign land for quite sometime

Three things on my desk
1. laptop
2. lamp
3. cellphone

Three things I am doing right now
1. doing this tag
2. checking my 2 other blogs
3. drinking milk as my breakfast

Three things I want to do before I die
1. to make sure that my future children are settled and they are in good hands
2. to see that my family in philippines are in good hands as well and that all my siblings are able to finish their studies
3. to have an orphanage

Three things I can do
1. read in french like an enfant hehehe
2. snorkel and do scuba diving
3. dance

Three things I can’t do
1. sing like sharon cuneta
2. dance like a professional belly dancer
3. cook like a chef

Three things I think you should listen to
1. advices from Parents & your elders
2. your mentor
3. best friend

Three things you should never listen to
1. what backfighters say
2. stupid people
3. stupid shows

Three shows I watched as a kid
1. Cinderella
2. Thumbelina
3. Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs

Three people I am tagging
1. Haze
2. Ylan
3. ZJ

Thanks Girlie for the tag.


Girlie said...

thanks for doing the tag Francine!

have a good week ahead =)

Francine said...

your welcome te girlie.masipag ako e wen it comes to the assignments given hehehe.o ayan, 95 dapat grade ko ha teacher girlie