Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Asian Store In Bordeaux, France

I'm craving for noodles

Many of my filipina friends always ask me if there's an asian store here in Bordeaux. As we are the new neighbors here, were still discovering the department. A friend of hubby told us that there's an asian market at Cappucin but the first time we passed there by car, hubby doesn't want me to go there. My asian classmates told me that there is a big asian store at Bordeaux Lac and it is called Eurasie. It is much closer here at home. When we went there for the first time, I was really happy because all the asian products that I'm looking for are there. From saké, noodles, lumpia, siomai and many others. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to buy their frozen items as it is not in our plan at all and we have to go at Toys R Us store. I've been really craving for noodles especially spicy one's but I couldn't find Yakisoba noodles. Too bad because I couldn't find fresh green mangoes .

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