Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I Want To Visit Canada

A friend of mine has been travelling back and fourth in Canada. She loves this country very much. As far as I know, English and French are the country's two official languages. If you are thinking to have your holidays in canada, Spring, summer and autumn are all ideal seasons for touring and winter or early spring if you want to ski. Skiing is something I haven’t tried in my life but for sure it is very interesting to do it one day.

For your Flights to Canada, try to inquire your respective travel agencies. Cheap flights are usually offered during spring and autumn and these are the seasons that have fewer crowds. One of Canada’s famous tourist attraction is Niagara Falls. Do you know that Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is known as the Honeymoon Capital of the world? Well, well well. Isn’t that interesting to discover? There are so many things to do and to see in Canada honestly. Skiing of course is a must and exploring the beauty of Banff must be on your list.


rowena said...

Hi Francine, nice site you got here. How I wish to see France and experience how's life there? My sister visited Paris years ago and her pics are amazing. I told myself I will make sure I see Europe before I die, he he. Btw, Canada is also a great place to live. Been there (Toronto, Niagara & Montreal areas) and it would be nice to retire there.

Francine said...

if ever one day youll visit here in france, we can meet up and have a nice lunch at the cafe.wag lang winter ha