Thursday, 30 August 2007

My First Job Experience

I am pretty happy that I have finally started my job as a baby-sitter. I started working yesterday afternoon and met the parents again and the little girl. The parents were nice and very welcoming. At first, I felt very nervous because I don't have any job experiences at all here in France especially about kids and 2nd, their way of life here is totally different but everything went fine. Although I still feel nervous today but it's getting lesser and lesser compared yesterday. With my first job, I learned many things already about kids especially in dealing the so-called baby talk. I'm starting to be more patient now than before because I have to teach her or talk to her in english and it is a little bit difficult for her to understand at first and it's very normal. When I say something in english, I do my very best to explain it to her what this and that means in french and used it in a sentence or does something as an example for her to be able to understand it fully. I am happy because she says please, thank you and good bye maintenant and she's really cute. Ouff, it is really a big job but I love it. With this job, it reminds me of my 2 nieces and nephew in Philippines. It makes me miss them that much. Here in France, kids go à l'école de maternelle at the age of 3 and their classes are whole day. I am thinking that it must be very tiring for them. Schools here don't accept little children or students if they don't know how to go at the toilet and in making their self clean. Imagine that at an early age. It is one of the many reasons I think why foreigners are responsible and mature and independent at an early age. It's my opinion huh!

Anyways, I'm going to take a nap now


girlie said...

I believe so too, pano tayo mga pinoys pampered ng mga yaya

Francine said...

hehehe mga bata tao mas matalino pa sa akin nyay.

rowena said...

Hi Francine, glad to know you have a nice new job. Have fun with the kids.