Monday, 6 August 2007

Hoop Earrings - Latest Fashion Trend

Latest style for Hoops earrings & Jennifer Lopez on her glamorous hoop

I have found these earrings when I was reading the magazine. I am a woman who loves big things in life like big belts, big shades, big bags and of course, big earrings like the sample on the picture above. I am not that really fashionable but it doesn't mean that I am a fashion victim. That is absolutely a No-No. I have seen several women here in Bordeaux wearing big hoop earrings too and I really, really find it cute and glamorous. Several famous people were spotted wearing this earring such as Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Hayden Panettiere. Of course, these fashion trends always starts at Hollywood and at this time, it’s with a twist—or more accurately, a flourish of filigree. It's cute right? I don't have any hoop earring yet but I think I will buy 1 too for myself.

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girlie said...

and who says you are not fashionable?