Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Year Older

I just turned 26 years young last August 27. I am very thankful that I am still breathing and that I am surrounded with very nice and wonderful people. This is the first time that I am celebrating my birthday here in France and never I imagined that these people here will remember or will give importance on this occasion. I was touched by the surprise dinner given by hubby's friends in Toulouse. They prepared a very tasty dinner with very nice table presentation, sung a birthday song and offered me their gift. Thanks guys for the wonderful surprise!

I would like to thank everyone. My family back in Philippines, who made the effort to have a thanksgiving mass at the church, who gave me this life and raised me with good morals and values. My french inlaws, who were so kind and nice to me. Thanks very much for the surprise birthday song you guys did on the phone. Thanks for welcoming me in your family and for the patience in trying to understand what I am saying when I speak a terrible french hehehe. Thanks for the checks too. My friends, whose been there for me all the time and taught me about this whole blogging thing and how to earn online. Never I imagine I will be involved in the blogging world but here I am. Special mention to Girlie, KC and Marie, you guys taught me many things really. Thanks very much. My friends back in high school, friends I met here online...thanks very much for exchanging links and for this relationship I have with you all. And the last but definitely not the least, my husband, whose been very supportive, kind, very understanding and loving to me. Mon Cheri, thanks very much for the wonderful marriage we have, for the life we share and we will be sharing together, for being so patient and very mature in handling situations especially when I become the tampo queen. I am really thankful to have you in my life. I know that I am a spoiled girl. Thank you very much really and Je t'aime beaucoup.

A gift from hubby's friends in Toulouse. Thanks guys

Another gift from hubby

Again, a big THANK YOU to all!


Ylan said...

Francine, belated happy birthday! :) May God showers you with more and more blessings! *hugs*

Francine said...

ylan, thanks kaayo.hehehe touch man sad ko imo message

Lucille said...

hi francine!
balik na ko sa france,dai!
hey! beerday diay nimo, belated happy birthday! wishing u all the best...

thanks a lot for your tags u left in my tagboard ha!
take care.

Francesca said...

Bah, mas matanda ka lang ng one year ke Lolo Michel!

gusto ko yang wallet, and with lamang euros, even better! akin na lang, hihihi

rowena said...

Hi Francine, belated happy birthday. Wish you more to come, good health and more blessings from the Lord. Cheers!

Francine said...

lucille and rowena, thanks very much.hehehe sweet nyo naman.

te amy, halata bang mas matanda pa ako ke lolo michel? hehehe it doesnt work pala yung anti wrinkles na gamit ko lolz

girlie said...

sweet naman special mention ako. Basta anything you need hanggang sa kaya ko, i'll always be here to help you