Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Payperpost For You & For Me!!!

I am jumping with joy that finally, my blog was accepted at blog network website. Yeeepppeee! I waited for 3 months you know? My dear beloved friends, yes, this is my other opportunity to monetize my blog. I never let the chances go so I grabbed the opportunity directly without any hesitation at all. That's me! I am always on the go to grab any opportunities that comes my way.

Anyways, advertisers can promote their website by signing up at blog network establishment. Because of payperpost, you will be connected with bloggers to create buzz, build traffic, get product feedback, gain links, syndicate content and many more. Do you know that blog network has more than 40,000 independent bloggers? If not, then the answer is YES.

As a blogger, you will be paid thru paypal or check. But make sure you have an account on their website for you to take advantage of their opportunities. I find it really fast, easy and interesting. I think you guys will be interested with it too. Oh, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends for encouraging me to join and to be a part of blog network. They, themselves are earning coz of blog network. You'll earn by posting your opinion or reviews on a product or because of referral too. Placing a badge on your blog is helpful to encourage your friends to join on this website. So join now!!


Francesca said...

thats fantastic francine.

let us know if malaki ha, uutang ako, hehe.

Girlie said...

welcome to the club!

Francine said...

tnx te girlie.kunti lang offer sa akin kc di ako matraffic huuhuhhu;

te amy, dapat ako ang ootang sayo kasi laki sweldo mo.pwede? :-p