Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Want To Visit Rome, Italy!

I'd like to visit Rome, Italy one day. In my opinion, Italy is one of the romantic country of the world. One of my classmate here in Bordeaux is italian and the more she tells me about Rome, the more I am very eager to go there. One time we had this activity at the school and we are to present in the class our respective country. She, herself, presented Italy of course because she is italian. She told us that Rome is a very beautiful and very touristic place. When it comes to accommodation, that will never be a problem because there are many hotels in rome .

Rome is the capital city of Italy. One of their famous tourists attractions are Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trastevere, St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican. These are the places that makes Rome the Eternal City. I am pretty sure that these are the sights you want to visit. Am I correct? I'd love to visit these places too *wink*.

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