Friday, 10 August 2007

Marriage & Money

To all the couples out there who are interested in getting ahead financially, I suggest you try to Review the Dinks website. What does dinks stands for? It is Dual Income No Kids and it is a website owned by newly wed couples Miel and James. DINKS is a blog that Miel and James themselves, share their thoughts about personal finance, success, and related issues within the context of a committed relationship.

Newly wed couples require many adjustments in the relationship and sharing many things together especially about finances at home. Am I correct? If you try to read and Review the Dinks, you will discover many interesting facts that really happen in real lives.

In my eyes, sharing the finances at home is important. Some marriage may fail while others succedded. But do you know that arguing over money is the number one cause of divorce in the United States and in the other countries? Well, I think one must include “till debt to us part” and not only the ordinary wedding vow. It may sound funny but this one really happens in real life. In my opinion, it's very important that you talk with your husband about how you are feeling before you drift further apart especially about money matters.

Me and my husband, as newly weds, we found this page very interesting. Try to Review the Dinks and maybe it will enlighten you as well.

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