Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Sandals chez Zara et Minelli

Sale or Soldes here in France started last June I think. But sorry coz I couldn't remeber the exact date. I don't have an idea if it has ended already or not but what I noticed is that some stores don't offer any discount anymore while the others are still. But I believe that it will be over soon.

During this period, all stores offer discounts. Which means that anyone can hop from one store to the other. It is amazing seeing these people in the pedestrian. The first time I saw them at the center where all the stores and boutiques are located, I said to myself that France is really a rich country as there are so many people shopping. First time in my life I saw hundreds of people like that I think in a day. But anyways, as sale period is ending, I took advantage to look for sandals which might perfectly fit on my black strapless dress and something I will be using for the celebration next month. Even if I was given a discount, I still find the price expensive. The prices here are really incredible shhhh! It took days for me to decide if I'll buy the pair of black sandals chez Zara coz of the price and if I can manage to walk well as the heels are quite high. Finally, hubby came with me at the store and as we both liked it, we decided to take it.

One time, I saw a tv program in Philippines wherein the subjects are about shoes and women. There are women who have hundreds of sandals or who loves to collect shoes and sandals. You may call it as an addiction but I think it can be considered as a therapy. Women loves shoes and that's the fact! Carmina Villaroel, the actress in Philippines said that once there is a pair of shoes or sandals that you really like, you should take it or not, you wouldn't have peace of mind thinking of it. I believe she's right as I am like her sometimes. Shopping releases stress don't you agree?


Francesca said...

One shoe shop in Nice,5 euros na lang mga summer shoes, bili nga ako, anim, hehe.
Thn skirts, alain manoukian brand, 5€ din, linen, cotton materials.

Sarap shopping, basta me pambayad!
dating ako bahay, tago ko shopping, kasi mag wawala si Lolo.
He will not believe na sale, kasi mga branded!

girlie said...

it's pretty Francine...pero teka anong topless dress? sobrang sexy naman yata yan....lol

Francine said...

te girlie, hehehehe sorry po....typo error.strapless dress pala hehehe tuwa ako sayo

Francine said...

te amy, hehehe wais ka talaga.sarap nga shopping pag daming sale.sarap benta sa pinas kaya lang mahal naman yung shipping

marie said...

uy ang ganda naman niyan! korek si Carmina! That happened when I was in San Francisco, may sale na Prada sandals sabi ko balikan ko the follwing day, Shucks pag balik ko nag laho na! buti naka bili ako another, Coach naman, ayun binayaran ko agad at baka mag laho pa.

Francine said...

hehehe tama nga.adik talaga tayo mga babae basta shopping pero sarap kaya mag shopping no te marie? mas masarap sana kung libre hehehe kaso la libre sa mall