Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A Proud Filipina Degrading Her Co-Citizens Especially OFW's

Hey guys, try to visit Mitch's blog. You will find a very interesting post there. She posted an article there and she got this article from the newspaper. It is something about a filipina (Malu Fernandez) who says bad things or degraded the OFW's in Dubai. I tell you, after reading what she wrote on the newspaper, I found her too proud and grgrgrgg. I guess you guys will feel the same after reading the article on the newspaper. This is a must and you should read it.

Honestly, I couldn't understand why people change when they are able to travel in foreign land. In my opinion, I salute these OFW's because they sacrifice themselves to work abroad in order to give a better life for their families back in Philippines. Being far from your loved ones isn't easy at all huh? Some people don't realize how hard that situation is. Not only that, don't you think that these people are helping our country as well huh? Working as an OFW is much better than being a prostitute right? At least working as OFW is a decent job. Sorry I sound a little bit irritated but I REALLY AM!!!

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