Thursday, 9 August 2007

A Gift From Hubby For My Birthday

This morning, somebody rung the interphone downstairs. When I answered it, the french guy said that they have a package waiting for me. It is from FedEx team. When I opened it up, inside the packae is the Ectaco Partner Model PW800.

The History:

Well actually, I've always wanted to have my own translator-dictionary. Why? At the school, my classmates have something like this so when our professor gave us exercises, they are so fast while me, I am still flipping the pages of the dictionary manually searching for the french words into english as it is easier for me to understand what the word is or what the phrase is all about. I've told to hubby that I am dreaming to have my own translator. At first, he doesn't like the idea coz that will mean that I will be very dependent with it. Afterwards, he said okay he'll buy me one. I didn't take these words seriously as he is a busy type of a guy and he is really overloaded. But of course, deep inside of me is the eagerness to have one even the simpliest one will be fine.

So today, voila, a dream come true for me. He said it's his gift for my birthday. Oh yeah, uhuhuhhu I am getting a year older again this month. I know that I have so many reasons to be thankful about and I am. But what my wish is? Hmmm, hard to mention one but I guess the most important one is good health for me, for hubby, for my family back in Philippines and french family also and happiness of course.

Ectaco Partner Model PW800

Voila, this is how it looks like.... I'm starting to be techy now comme mon amour ;-)

Now I'm ready to face all french words at the class hehehe. Oh, as I am very poor with the pronunciation, this one is a talking electronic dictionary and audio phrasebook. It is possible to hear someone talking here with the correct pronunciation. Interesting eh?


girlie said...

when is your birthday?

Francine said...

layo 27 shhhh..kelan bday te girlie?

Francine said...

kelan bday ni te marie pala...sorry, typo error

haze said...

wow ka cute gud ana moha b-day gift, maau na diay ka diha mo french day...

Francine said...

haze, di pa gud kaayo pero i can related with frenchies now maski wrong grammar.baga man kog nawng dai hehehe