Monday, 27 August 2007

My 5 Most Amazing Nights Tag

I was tagged by Melody, Gagiers and Ylan hehehe. These girls love to tag.

I had the most amazing night, ever! My 5 fantastic nights are:

1. When my mom gave birth and showed me the world. I guess it's something I am very thankful about...the Life given to me by my parents
2.The times I spent with my husband during our first meeting in Cebu, Philippines. It was one of the amazing nights I can say because all the signs I prayed and asked at the Sto.Nino appeared on our first many dates hehehe. I have many imaginations about romance and all these things happened with my husband
3. My wedding in Philippines. It was amazing because my inlaws flew in to attend our wedding in Philippines and we had a very wonderful time there.
4. When I walked down the aisle and when I finally became the wife of my husband.
5. The surprise dinner planned by hubby and his 2 french friends in Toulouse last weekend.

Voila, now I'd like to pass this tag to Girlie, Marie and Jenny.


Melody said...

heya gurl, that was quick:-)

see, "tagged thing" sometimes makes sense, i got to know u more a bit now.,, hehheh

Francine said...

melody thanks kaayo.hehehe what dya think?im a bad girl or the good one? hehehe

Melody said...

nope, none of the choices.,youre mean .,i'm joking, you seemed to be reliable so over all you are a nice gurl. cheers!