Thursday, 30 August 2007

35 Questions

I was tagged by Girlie. I thought I'd manage to escape with this hehehe. Thanks Girlie for the tag.

Where is your cell phone? On my table

Relationship? Married

Your hair? Long and layered at the sides

Work? part-time baby-sitter, full time housewife and a part-time blogger

Your sister/s? Angie, Shirelyn

Your favorite thing? translator

Your dream last night? None

Your favorite drink? Hot Tea

Your dream car? Porche

The room you’re in? Sala

Your shoes? Havaianas

Your fears? Heights and worms

What do you want to be in 10 years? A mom

Who did you hang out with this weekend? With hubby

What are you not good at? Singing

Muffin? Hmmm, can I have many choices?

One of your wish list items? A car hehehe

Where you grew up? Cebu City

Last thing you did? Sleep

What are you wearing? Mini skirt and a blouse

What aren’t you wearing? Watch

Your pet? None

Your computer? Acer Aspire 1640

Your life? Happy and content

Your mood? Happy

Missing? My family in Philippines

What are you thinking about right now? To take a nap

Your car? None

Your kitchen? Functional and beautifulYour summer? ExcitingYour favorite color? Brown

Last time you laughed? I guess the other night

Last time you cried? Last month but I am not sure what it is exactly about

School? University of Cebu

I’m tagging:


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

Thanks for doing the tag Ann. hey pede mo naman di gawin pag di mo feel ^_^

hehe, dapat sa dot com mo ginawa, dun kita ti-nag, well gawin mo nalang ulit dun, then tag different people, dagdag din PR yan, hehe

Lucille said...

hala ka! dami na assignement ko mam francine!hehe kasing dami ng paplantsahin ko! lol
cge lang, magagawa ko rin patient lang.
Thanks sa short talk nato ganina ha ug thanks for inviting me sa imo wedding, ask ko muna ki hubby ko then i-confirm kita.

Francine said...

te girlie, all tags are very much welcome.kala ko yull forget me in your list.hehehe

Francine said...

lucille, just do it when you have the time. no rush *wink*

Lucille said...

it's done, francine! para ma minus-minusan akong buhatonon assignement! lol dali ra pod ky sayon ra man tubagon. lol

Francine said...

thanks a lot lucille. hehehe duna koy daghan plansahunon sad diri basin interesado ka imo sad ni iapil ehehe joke