Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Accessories pour Les Femmes

3 n 1 necklace

Fashionable Bracelets

I am happy because my orders arrived 2 days ago. I love to accessorize things up. I love accessories in general that compliments very well on my outfit. For me, no matter how simple your clothes are or how cheap it is, but once you accessorize it very well plus confidence....oh la la... it is a complete package. Agree?

I love layered necklaces. Why? It is because it gives me choices depending on my mood. I mean, I can wear it single layered, double or even triple. I find it chic and very elegant and cute. It is very hollywood style also hehehe. I got these ideas from magazines. I can say that I am more aware now about fashion as people here are up to date with what are the latest trends around. I love big things really like big belts, big bangles, big bags, big shades, long necklaces. These photos are one of my favorite accessories to complete my wardrobe.

What about you? Do you love to accessorize your outfit too?


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

there are times that i want to accessorize too

Francesca said...

depends on occasion I would like to go.

I would take pearls for formal gatherings.
But dont fancy the trendy ones like my daughter wears.
Kasi Lola na ako, haha.

Michel's first wife got a lot left on our closet, but I dont fancy the idea of wearing them.

They are soooo expensive, baka mawala ko, mag wawala si LOLO, haha

Francine said...

i love pearls too kaya lang pearls ko fake hehehe. joke lang. i mean dead pearls.kelan uwi mo sa pinas?

Francine said...

te girlie, cute ng earring mo that you posted on your blog

Anonymous said...

velika here...whaaa dapat pala magpaturo ako sa yo about fashion..hihi lagi lang kc akong baby tee and jeans =d