Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Famous Wines in France

Medoc....du vin rouge

I am 4 months old here in France and so far, I am able to adjust with the things and do not have problems at all with my new environment. Friends asked me if I don't have any problem about the french foods here, people and etc. but I can say no except that I am drunk on my first glass of du vin rouge ou du vin blanc. Sounds funny but it's true.

Were presently residing here in Bordeaux. It is the place where famous wines come from. Here, you will find many castles with vineyards as well. Hmmm, how many chateaux I had visited? 2 to be honest. First one was with my inlaws to buy some wines. Second, was 2 weeks ago to attend a birthday party whose family lives in a small chateau.

I have tasted several red wines, white wines, du vin rose and champagne but when it comes to red wine...this picture above is my favorite. It is light and it doesn't taste bad at all for my throat hehehehe. Sorry guys. As I get drunk very fast, I prefer to drink lighter ones. Well, it's different because in Philippines, we drink red wine, white whine when there are special ocassions in general. But here, it is almost everyday. A meal isn't complete without du vin here. I guess this is the part that I need to work out little by little.
If you guys need a wine supplier, don't hesitate to call me ha. I promise I give you 3% discount hehehe


ZJ said...

Hi Francine... Ako rin, I easily get knocked down after a glass of wine. Ilang sips pa lang, windang na agad. I was surprised when I found out that there are few wine stores here in Phnom Penh that offer a wide selection of wine... hmmm... cheers!

Anonymous said...

pareho pala tayo. bilis ko rin mawindang. pano, tayo sa pinas we drink drinks like that during special celebrations

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

supply me please with red wine...ang mahal dito eh, yung mga cheap na red wine yun ang masakit sa ulo at masakit sa throat, i was not used to drinking red wine before, but eversince i found out that it's good for the heart, i always drink na. sometimes nga i use it to marinate my homemade steaks, buti di nawiwindang mga bata...lol

Francine said...

ilan kelangan mo? hehehe naging negosyante si francine. i'll try to bring you a bottle of red wine pag uwi ko.kaya lang di pa sure kung when exactly dis year