Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Discovering Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France..the place where you'll find one of the best wines in the world

This is inside the Chateau where my next wedding will be. My inlaws took this photo and there was a wedding celebration during that day too.

This is the small chateau where hubby & I will be getting married again for the 2nd time. This time, it will be a religious ceremony. When? It will be on October 13 of this year. What's the name of the chateau? Hehehe, make some research ;-p

Place de la Bourse again in the afternoon. When it's warm, there is a scenario like this. Water flows like vapor and many people go in this place to play with the water or to keep themselves fresh.

Place de la Bourse at night. This one is at Bordeaux Centre.

Pont de Pierre et l'église de St. Michel at night

Another chateau surrounded with vineyards or grapeyards. Sorry, I couldn't remember the names of the chateaux I placed here.

This is one of the chateau (castle) with a cute, beautiful garden.

Voila, these are just some of the chateaux you will find here in France if oneday you guys will be coming over here. It is very interesting to visit these places and have a little look or exurcsion on how wines are done. Very interesting really. I've tried it myself ;-)


marie said...

Nice place pala ang Bordeaux, I'm sure you'll have a grand wedding! Sayang, ang layo punta sana kami ni Girlie, hehehe...wish ko lang.

Francine said...

sayang nga e te marie kasi layo ng bordeaux. its 6 hours drive from paris by car.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

one day, isang araw, mabibisita ko din yan...kelan kaya?

uy ganda wedding venue mo, mukhang engrande ah

Francesca said...

gusto ko rin punta bordeaux, one day, kc sabi Lolo its one of the old towns/city of France.

Also, bordeaux wines are the best, hehe.
And your Gov there, Mme Legarde, minister of economics ata siya,korek me na lang, cute siya, and seems having a brain in her head.
allez bordeaux! ! !